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SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Mishap Can Delay First Manned Flight To The ISS

In less than 2 Weeks following SpaceX successfully launched its big Falcon Heavy rocket with its first commercial flight, the aerospace company suffered a delay when its Crew Dragon capsule was strike by an “anomaly” while testing that can postpone the capsule’s first manned flight to the ISS (International Space Station). In this incident, no injuries were reported and occurred during an unmanned engine trial at CCAFS (Cape Canaveral Air Force Station), Florida. “Previously, SpaceX carried a sequence of engine trials on a Crew Dragon testing vehicle at Landing Zone 1 in CCAFS, Florida,” SpaceX executives stated in a statement.

The company did not present details on the anomaly but stated it had started an investigation. In a statement, Jim Bridenstine—NASA Administrator—said the space agency was functioning with SpaceX to review the incident. He said, “This is why we conduct trials. We would learn, make the required adjustments and securely go ahead with NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.” Reportedly, SpaceX released the Crew Dragon capsule with its first unmanned trial flight to the space station on March 2. The spacecraft was almost 1 Week attached to the orbiting outpost prior to returning to Earth. The company is anticipated to conduct one more unmanned flight of the capsule to analyze the spacecraft’s urgent situation abort system.

Lately, SpaceX was in news as NASA granted Elon Musk’s aerospace company with $69 Million to operate spacecraft into an asteroid. Reportedly, SpaceX has been granted with a $69 Million agreement for a mission that would comprise flying a spacecraft into an asteroid. In a statement, NASA said that in the last week the federal space agency has granted the deal to SpaceX, selecting the company to offer services for NASA’s DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) mission.

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