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Study Reveals Swimming Goggles Might Help In Space Astronauts

NASA scientists revealed their recent discovery. According to the latest research, swimming goggles might assist astronauts’ eyes safe throughout space missions. Reportedly, these goggles assist astronauts to build up the pressure of fluid inside the eye. Almost 75% astronauts who participated in long space missions discovered that gradually their vision was decreased over the years. This study is available in the journal JAMA Opthalmology. Doctors found that these astronauts witnessed IOP (intraocular pressure). This led to the swelling of the optic nerve and creating white spots on the retina.

Dr. Jessica Scott, Universities Space Research Association, Houston, proclaimed that swimming goggles might help in tightly compressing the skin around the eye. She added that these findings highlight modestly growing IOP with swimming goggles might be employed to ease spaceflight-linked neuro-ocular syndrome. Reportedly, the addition of swimming goggles was linked with modestly enlarged pressure. This condition could minimize some of the unfavorable effects on the eye of long-period spaceflights.

On a similar note, Intelsat, a Luxembourg-based satellite communication firm, came into the news as it reported that its IS-29E (Intelsat 29E satellite) is at a complete loss. Earlier, the firm reported that the spacecraft experienced a glitch. About two weeks ago, the Intelsat 29e propulsion system witnessed damage, which led to a leak of the propellant aboard the satellite. This resulted in a service interruption to customers.

The recent event led to a service outage on the Intelsat 29e satellite. It affected aeronautical, maritime, and wireless-operator consumers in the Caribbean, Latin America, and North Atlantic areas. Intelsat representatives proclaimed that when the firm was working to recuperate the satellite, a second glitch occurred, following which all attempts to recover the satellite were not successful. The international satellite operator said that since the glitch, Intelsat has been in active touch with impacted customers. The statement added that restoration ways on other Intelsat satellites serving the area and 3rd-party satellites have been offered for most of the disrupted services.

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