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The Reason Why Women Witness More Autoimmune Diseases Than Men Found

It is said to be one of the big mysteries of medicine, and one that impacts the lives of numerous people: Why do women’s immune systems witness issues far more than men’s do. Reportedly, this causes nine times more women to grow autoimmune diseases such as lupus. A part of the answer might lie in their skin.

New proof in the recent study highlights an important role for a molecular switch named VGLL3. Almost three years back, researchers from the University of Michigan demonstrated that women in their skin cells hold more VGLL3 than men do. At present, working on mice, researchers have found that the presence of too much VGLL3 in skin cells is responsible for pushing the immune system into overdrive. Researchers highlight that this can lead to a “self-attacking” autoimmune response. Unexpectedly, this response enlarges beyond the skin. It is found to be attacking the internal organs as well.

On a similar note, researchers employing the world’s biggest twin registry to study about seven autoimmune diseases discovered that mostly the threat of developing seven diseases is inherited. However, a few diseases are more closely associated than others. These outcomes are planned to be presented at the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting (ENDO 2019), which is scheduled to be held in New Orleans, La.

Jakob Skov, M.D., is the lead investigator of the study. He is a Ph.D. student at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Skov proclaimed that the latest results contribute to the understanding of what triggers autoimmunity and how autoimmune diseases are linked. He added that the research team examined the threat of acquiring not just one particular disease, but any one in a group of conditions. The latest findings might be helpful in autoimmune risk counseling and patient education as well. Mostly the autoimmune diseases are likely to run in families.

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