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Weed Killer Presence Persists In Some Breakfast Cereals Say Environment Group

According to Environmental Working Group several popular breakfast cereals like Cheerios and Nature Valley continue to test positive for controversial herbicide that has been known to increase risk of cancer. The group which is liked to organics industry has found that all the 21 food products that it tested recently had high levels of glyphosate even though manufacturers keep saying that their products are safe for consumption. The group had found in October that most of the breakfast cereals that it tested contained glyphosate which is an ingredient found in weed killer Roundup.

This is especially worrisome as there have been two recent legal verdicts that declared that this herbicide led to cancer in the plaintiffs. Roundup was declared as a substantial cause factor leading to a Californian man’s cancer that led to jury unanimously holding Monsanto guilty and ordering it to pay around $2 million to a couple that held the firm responsible for their cancers. Though the verdict is being appealed to in courts by Monsanto there are nearly 11000 cases of the same type pending in state and federal courts. But pharmaceutical firm Bayer AG that owns Monsanto maintains that all its products are safe.

An analysis published early this year declared that glyphosate can enhance cancer risk by 41 % though researchers found that highest exposure to the chemical would be groundskeepers of parks than regular consumers of snacks. Though this herbicide has been found to be prevalent in farms that cultivate oats none of the levels found in recent report’s food products exceed levels defined by Environmental Protection Agency. But as Environmental Working Group uses a more conservative benchmark of health it has a different threshold which has been disputed by manufacturers. A panel of WHO which assessed pesticide residues in 2016 stated that glyphosate is not likely to pose carcinogenic risk to humans through diet exposure but International Agency for Research on Cancer has defended its own conclusions about the carcinogenic properties of the chemical.

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