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New Study Confirms Hawking’s Theory of Evaporation of Black Holes

Back in1974, Stephen Hawking came out with one of his most famous theories—black holes ultimately evaporate leaving no traces behind.

As per the theory that he came out with, black holes as they are called are not entirely black. They, instead emit certain particles. According to Hawking, this radiation of particles siphons enough mass as well as energy away from the black holes, helping them to eventually disappear. Physicists believed this theory to be true but considered it difficult to prove.

However, the physicists, for the very first time have been able to find evidence of this elusive radiation predicted by Hawking—in the lab though. Although this radiation is too feeble to be detected real time in space by the technology and instruments currently available, physicists have found its evidence in the black hole analog that they have created with the use of sound waves and some of the strangest and coldest matters of the universe.

Black holes exert an incredibly powerful gravitation force, so much so that even photons, which are known to travel at a speed equal to light’s speed, cannot escape from its pull.

Till now, space was considered to be entirely empty and comprised of nothing but vacuum. However, the latest theories of quantum mechanics say space is not ‘entirely vacuum’. It actually teems with innumerable virtual particles, which hover in and out of existence in the form of matter-antimatter pairs.

The most interesting part is that as soon as a pair of these virtual particles appears they immediately destroy each other. However, when these pairs appear close to a black hole, it’s extremely gravitational pull would drag the two particles away from each other, with one of them being absorbed by the black hole and the other shooting off into space. The one that is absorbed is considered negative energy, which reduces the mass and the energy of the black hole. By swallowing these particles black holes eventually disappear the one that escapes becomes what is termed as Hawking’s radiation.

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