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Galaxy Without Dark Matter Mystery Resolved

Study of galaxies that do not contain any dark matter is hard as dark matter leads to collapse of gas and form stars. During 2018 a study was published in Nature magazine that captured the interest of scientific community as it announced existence of a galaxy lacking dark matter. A group of researchers from Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC) claims to have solved this mystery through a series of observations of KKS2000]04 (NGC1053-DF2) or the mysterious galaxy that does not have dark matter. The details of this study has been published in monthly notices of Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS)

In their observations researchers revised their distance indicators as parameters of galaxy distance were anomalous. They then used five independent methods for estimation of distance and discovered that the galaxy is much closer than estimated and instead of previous observed distance of 64 million light years it is just 42 million light years away from earth. Due to these new results the galaxy’s parameters from current distance are normal and fit trends of other galaxies that have similar characteristics. The most relevant detail revealed by the new distance analysis is that actual mass of this galaxy is half of earlier estimated mass.

However they also discovered that the mass of stars on it is only a quarter of what was earlier estimated which could be because a significant part of it is made up of dark matter. The researchers wrote in their study that the galaxy is of low surface brightness and has plenty of room for dark matter. This new results showcase the importance of correctly measuring extragalactic distances which has always been the most challenging task in astrophysics. Astrology scientists have always found measuring distant objects in the intergalactic space tough as they are several light years away and stars keep changing their position.

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