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In-utero Fetal Surgery Carried For the First Time Ever In Pittsburgh

In Pittsburgh, for the first-ever time, a complicated yet delicate surgery was performed. According to Caretaker Allee Mullen from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Children’s Hospital, a 20 Weeks pregnant lady had her baby diagnosed with spina bifida. Thus, the doctors immediately after the diagnosis decided on preparing for an in-utero surgery so as to repair the baby’s spine. However, the risks for both are on the higher end.  The woman was wheeled into the operating room in UPMC Magee Women’s Hospital with the hope of saving the child and mother. The spinal bifida when repaired in the early stages is known to help the child like a normal like. Dr. Stephanie green from Children’s Hospital along with others decided to perform the in-utero fetal surgery.

The position of the baby and her health was the reason that helped doctors take such a tough decision and make her the first candidate. The spinal bifida causes an infant to have spinal cord and backbone to remain open and be bare to the amniotic fluid, which in the later run leads to severe damages. As per the mother, the in-womb surgery was the best option rather than having a corrective surgery after birth. The water on the brain or hydrocephalus is also one of the common diseases observed by the pediatricians that need surgical treatment. The conditions like these could lead to the death of the infant in an early stage of life in certain cases.

After delivery, the doctors and Mullen herself were happy to see her baby flex her toes showing no signs of any neurologic dysfunction. The back of the infant was to have healed completely and the neurological examinations showed no signs of distress. But, the baby cannot point her toes downwards which are not a big problem as in reality there should have been no movement below the knees. In May, the UK had its very first keyhole surgery performed at the King’s College Hospital in London to help Sherrie Sharp and her son Jaxson, who was diagnosed with spina bifida while 27 Weeks into the pregnancy.

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