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Fees Of Medical Marijuana Proposed By Utah Are $100K

As per the sources, new program in the state growing ten approved medical marijuana will be quite expensive. According the report given by the Salt Lake Tribune, an application fee of ten thousand dollars will be charged by the state and for those chosen, an extra one lack dollars will be charged for yearly licensing fee, as per draft instructions for novel medical marijuana database of Utah printed previous week. The license fees are destined to balance the expenditure of adding equipment and personnel to examine the mounting facilities, as per officials of the state.

If all ten cultivator licenses are approved, incomes to the agriculture section might top 1.1 million dollars the 1st year and drift around 1 million dollars in the succeeding years as the renewal fee is paid by the cultivators. The agricultural department of the state expects to spend more than 560,000every year to oversee cultivation of cannabis and plant sales. According to prediction of officials of the state, these costs will probably increase with time as the program grows. As per advocates of medical marijuana, the planned price to develop a cultivator is sharp but should not discourage people grave regarding entering the occupational.

Detailed guidelines are also set by the draft rules on pesticide use, security, waste of cannabis and additional issues about growers. As per the rues, growers must grind down leaves and extras and blend them with trash to reduce the unusable cannabis and connect video investigation. The executive director of the association of the Utah Cannabis, Tom Paskett said that, the suggestions were predictable. It is type of what you would imagine, given political learning of Utah, he added. Some of their guidelines have been compared by people with Arizona in their limitedness, so this is correct regarding where people would suppose Utah to come down.


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