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Millions Of Workforce Resume Work For Extra Income

Many retired people are looking for jobs again to ensure their financial and social security. Like most Americans, they are looking for jobs that can provide them with good income.  Most prefer to go back to the same workforce, while others look for new opportunities.

In a survey conducted, most of the retired elderly people said they want to work just to earn a good income. A study conducted by Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies found that most elderly people are in need of money, hence they take up a job while many others take the risk of surviving just on their savings.

In another study conducted by AARP, it was found that nearly 13% wished to work after their retirement that belonged to the age group of 45+. The common reasons were the need for money, and to accumulate more savings. These reasons are quite acceptable considering the fact that their daily needs are based on the Social Security Payment of just $1,420. Social Security Administration says that for most of the seniors, the Social Security Payment comprises only 50% of their total income while for other elderly people it comprises about 90% of their total income.  Transamerica predicts that the next generation of retired people is about to face the same difficulty. A new study indicates that 66% of the retired have the Social Security Payment as their primary source of income; while on the other hand, the Social Security Payment is about to be reduced, unless the government in power decides otherwise. The cutoffs in the payment are going to affect the elderly people.

An AARP official says that the only option these retirees have is to get organized and find a job through networking. The key is to tell people that you are available for work and display the required skills. Jobs will then come to you.

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