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SpaceX May Likely Launch Turkish Satellite

The COO of SpaceX and an official of Turkish satellite firm said that super Heavy, as well as Star Ship, may play a major role in the launching of Turkish Satellite. During a press interview, Per Shotwell said that though Airbus Defense and Space had manufactured the satellite, it is SpaceX which had given the rights to launch 5A as well as 5B satellites during the second and first quarter of 2020 and 2021.

Turksat 5A, as well as 5B, would weigh around 9900 lb, thus they are witting the range to be launched through Falcon9. Recently, SpaceX had launched Arabsat 6A through Falcon Heavy rocket. Arabsat 6A was 14,300 lb in weight and was transferred to a height of 56,000 miles from the earth’s surface.

Moreover, SpaceX also has another project up to its sleeves as the Company has to launch a test satellite called 60 Starlink. This test satellite is considered as one of the heaviest satellites on which SpaceX had ever worked with. The satellite weighs around 30,000 lb.

In a recent press conference, Gwynne Shotwell said that Turksat 6A2 is a very complex satellite. Since every Falcon heavy can uplift a load of 10,000 kilograms, thus SpaceX has to use three sets of boosters for Turksat 6A2.

At present, one can’t speculate when SpaceX would start to launch commercial payloads. In December 2018, during a press event, Elon Musk had estimated that Starship could reach the orbit by 2020. In April 2019, Starhopper successfully made two raptor tests.

Few analysts also believe that SpaceX might have to construct a new facility for launching Starship. SpaceX will also have to use one heavy booster so that it can enter the orbit with ease. The Starship also possesses a heat shield which provides impeccable security while it would head in the outer space and face hostile temperature.

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