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Research Says Sugar Levels Can Be Controlled With Computer Games

Records indicate that US citizens are consuming more sugar than their daily limit. According to the guidelines given by the American Health Organization, total consumption of 6 teaspoons (for women) and 9 teaspoons (for men) of sugar is more than enough in a day.

However, with technology in the grasps of our hand, a team from Drexel University’s College of Art and Science (Philadelphia) has come up with a new approach to combat obesity and diabetes, and to spread awareness among the adults/ teens in the effective consumption of non-sugary healthy foods.  The leader of this team, Evan Forman (Ph.D.) has developed a new strategy game which will train the mind to eat better.

Accordingly, a group of 106 obese adult participants (BMI>=25-50 kilograms per sq. Meter) were chosen and trained to play the game Diet DASH. However, before the onset of this, they were rigorously trained and given seminars on the bad effects of obesity caused by sugary foods and the dangers they were pushing themselves into. The objective of the game is to shop the highest amount of healthy food from a supermarket within a given time limit. They were instructed to play the game for 6 weeks, at least for an hour per week.

The results of this test run were fruitful and researchers discovered a 3.1% decline in the total body fat and a much reduced sweet cravenness in almost half of the participants. They, however, found that this half mostly consisted of men and hence women were not much invested in the game. The women instead found the seminars to be more thought-provoking and engaging.

Therefore, they are working towards a more appealing and cognitive version of the game, due to the highly promising results in men and are continuously reporting it in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine.

Pamela Simmons
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Content Writer At Global Market News 24

Pamela, besides being a book lover, has apt writing skill sets with an experience of 4 years in this field and working with our firm for 2 years now. She deals with writing news articles and reports of the health field entailing a range of drug discoveries, new developments, health initiatives & programs, trial approvals, and so on. Also, Pamela likes participated in initiatives and drives that try putting forth the word of awareness among common people about the significance of health and hygiene.

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